Nov 25, 2014


I love the view from my appartment at the moment. It is a green sea where the buildings look like islands... Buenos Aires is a real green city!

Nov 22, 2014

Finding time

Time is precious nowadays. It took me much effort to start the challenge but now it already happened and I can go back to my personal work.

My bed needs a summer cover and I began doing small appliqué squares, I already have two of them. The next one in another post.

I will sew them to a huge old blanket and who knows when I'll be finished. I'm ciming to an age where everything seems not that important at all... I take more time for things I like.

Nov 18, 2014

Preparing my first challenge instruction for the Paper Theatre Challenge! Promotional inscription soon to be closed!

This is a small corner of my first piece! The first instruction will be the one of the back panel of the theatre. I just finished it and I'm very happy with the result!

Now I have to put everything together.

I think you will really enjoy this one!

There are already 32 participants from Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK and the US. It will be quite international.

Nov 17, 2014

Promotional Challenge inscription till the 20th of November 2014!

There is a promotional fee of 8€ for the inscription till the 20th of November. After that the inscription/workshop will cost 30€

Nov 14, 2014

Challenge English - Deutsch

all in one!

This is the beginning of the

Paper/Fabric/Wool Theatre Challenge

I am so happy to introduce the next Challenge. After the success of the first one, the Booklet Challenge, now we are going to begin with the „Paper Theatre“ (actually it is Fabric/Wool !!) one.

Because the organization and realization of the Challenge is becoming more and more complex I will charge this time a promotional fee of 8€ if you inscribe before the 20th of November, after that the price of the Challenge will be of 30€. You will be able to pay them with Paypal or money order.

This time you will get the instructions for the Challenge per e-mail every two weeks. The Challenge will take 3 months in the making. You can also follow the instructions at your own pace.

                                                 Marie Antoinette’s Queen Theatre in Versailles

Example of Paper Theatre

To see more examples of paper theatres and their possibilities, also more modern ones please follow this link to my Pinterest/Paper Theatres folder:

You will be able to do your own design or – for the ones who would like to – receive the templates for a simplified one.

This time I will show the progress of mine (I will do the simplified one!) in pictures in the form of a tutorial.

We will have a Folder at Pinterest where the participants will be able to upload their own pictures - see the one of the last challenge at

In order to communicate with the other participants and interact I will start a Facebook site for the Challenge.

Résumé: It will be fun and push you to new levels!

Instructions to inscribe:

If you would like to pay with a Paypal account, please enter your Paypal site and press the button „send money“. Please send it to my e-mail address

If you are in Europe, please send me an e-mail to the email address previously shown and ask for my IBAN and BIC numbers.

Thank you and I will be very happy to have you under the participants!

all in one!
Dies ist der Anfang vom
Papier/Stoff/Woll-Theater Challenge
Ich bin froh, das nächste Challenge vorzustellen. Nach dem Erfolg mit dem Ersten, das Büchlein Challenge, jetzt fangen wir mit einem „Papier Theater“Challenge.
Weil die Organisation und Durchführung des Challenges immer komplexer wird, wird diesmal eine Promogebühr von 8€ für die Anmeldungen, die bis zum 20. November 2014 erfolgen, zu bezahlen sein, um die Kosten abzudecken. Anmeldungen, die nach diesem Datum erfolgen werden 30€ kosten. Man kann sie mit Paypal oder EU-Überweisung bezahlen.
Diesmal werden Sie die Anleitungen zu dem Challenge per E-Mail alle zwei Wochen bekommen. Die Dauer vom Challenge wird von 3 Monaten sein. Man kann aber auch seinen eigenen Rhytmus folgen.

Marie Antoinette’s Queen Theatre in Versailles

Beispiel eines Papier Theaters
Um mehr Beispiele Papier Theaters – auch modernere – zu finden, folgen Sie den Link zu meiner Pinterestmappe über das Thema:
Es wird möglich sein, dass Sie Ihren eigenen Entwurf machen – falls Sie es wünschen – oder Sie können auch meine Patronen, die mit der Anleitung gesendet werden, verwenden.
Diesmal werde ich Ihnen  - wie gesagt - eine Anleitung mit Fotos per E-mail senden, so dass Sie sehen, wie ich mein Theater mache.
Wir werden eine Mappe in Pinterest haben, wo alle Teilnehmer ihre Bilder uploaden können. Hier die Mappe vom letzten Challenge:
Auch werden wir eine Facebook Seite haben, so dass wir untereinander kommunizieren können.
Es wird auf jedem Fall Spaß machen und Sie gleichzeitig herausfordern!

Wie Sie inskribieren können:

Wenn Sie ein Paypalkonto besitzen, können Sie „Geld senden“ drucken und die Gebühr an meine Emailadresse
Wenn Sie in Europa sind, können Sie meine IBAN und BIC per Email verlangen.
Danke vielmals und ich hoffe, dass Sie das Challenge geniessen!

Nov 13, 2014

A little entertainment

I need a new cover for my bed in summer. Because of that I am kind of deconstructing a quilt... meaning I am working in an unusual way...

I decided to do small square scenes and sew/appliqué them all over a cotton sheet, perhaps not only squares but also  circles...

I will keep you informed, I intend to work on this project behind the scene...

Challenge Announcement

This is an announcement of the next challenge in The Challenge Nook, it is going to be a textile paper theatre. You will be able to work with any form of textile techniques, including patchwork, felting, embroidery, paper, etc.

The six instructions will be sent every two weeks and you will receive the template for the different parts of the theatre which you will be able to decorate in your own way.

I will post suggestions and you will be able to contact me to comment on the subject.

We will have a Pinterest folder - see the folder of the last challenge under

Here are some examples of the work done in the challenge.

We will also have a private Facebook site to be able to interact with the other participants, comment, etc.

Because the Challenge Nook will be a new feature in the internet and there will always be different challenges for all tastes and techniques, there is going to be a
 promotional inscription fee of 8€ 
for the next challenge. 

All details are going to be given after the 15th of November and then you will also be able to inscribe with Paypal or money order.

Stay tuned! I will be happy to host you!